Meet the Kiddos

Cooper and Coco Jo are two adorable, inquisitive, and adventurous Miniature Schnauzers.

Since they were babies, I set the bar high for my kiddos while giving them fun activities, challenging experiences, endless adventures, and the freedom to discover their own potential. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them. I’m a proud Mommy to see them reaching for the stars. They are extraordinary and there is not a day that goes by that they don’t take my breath away.

Let me tell you a little bit about them.

We got Cooper first when he was eight weeks old. Two months later, we brought home Coco Jo also eight weeks old. They are both from Chapman Schnauzers (Arizona) but not related to each other as they were bred with different sires (fathers) and dams (mothers). It was love at first tail wag with these two. They are best friends and do everything together.

Cooper was born May 7, 2015 and is a liver (chocolate) and tan mini.

Coco Jo was born July 11, 2015 and is a black parti mini.

They both weigh 13 pounds.

Cooper, also known as Sheriff Coop, is head of our homeland security and Daddy’s helper. Always watchful, Coop was born to be Sheriff and takes his job seriously. We all feel safe with Coop on duty. He is a gentleman, a hugger, and has a calm down-to-earth personality, which makes him such a great Sheriff. Coop has the Sheriff saunter down pat and enjoys playtime when off duty. His soulful golden eyes are mesmerizing, and he melts the hearts of all he meets. Coop has a girlfriend, Stella, who is also a Chapman Schnauzer kiddo and Coco Jo’s half-sister. Stella lives nearby and they have dates often.

Coco Jo, also known as Princess Coco, is a Mommy’s girl and has us all wrapped around her little princess paw. When she was a baby, she dreamed of becoming a princess and a beautiful princess she became. She has a playful girly girl personality, a princess trot, and is a hoot! She declares all toys hers including Coop’s toys. Her favorite toy is Ducky (help us all if anything bad ever happens to Ducky) and her favorite color is pink. Occasionally, she will help Coop out as Deputy but only if it does not interfere with Her Royal Highness Princess activities.

They are very social and have a busy calendar. Every year, they host two big pawties: Their Annual Spring Carnival and their Annual Not so Scary Howl-o-ween Costume Pawty where 30 of their schnauzer friends (some are related to Coop and Coco) join in the fun. Their hearts are big and they share their love with all they meet.

In the words of their doctor, they are in perfect and phenomenal health. Being in tip-top shape, they are incredible athletes. They began professional agility training when they were just over one year old. Schnauzers love having a job to do and this is a fun job! My husband and I are in training with them, as their handlers. As long as they are having fun, we will continue the agility journey with them.  

Schnauzers are known for having big personalities and my kiddos love to talk. They have their own DoggoLingo that you will catch on quickly and understand. I hope you enjoy reading their conversations as much as I love listening to their little chats. They crack me up!